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Eugent L.

I was extremely fortunate to have Quentin assigned to advise me on my Medicare supplement plan options and Part D, Rx plan. Without diminishing the financial coverage I'll enjoy in 2016 by a cent, Quentin devised a strategy that will save me over $250/month in the coming year, with no significant commission gain for himself.

Sara B.

Hello Quentin! I'm just viewing a AARP Medicare commercial and was reminded that I've intended to let you know how much I appreciate your diligence in getting me my insurance in a timely manner.

Not only were you efficient but, you were patient, respectful and worked hard to get me a plan that works for me.

You gave me an education about Medicare and, you made me feel that you could be relied on to provide the care I need. You were available whenever I called and you didn't lose patience no matter how many times I asked, what might have appeared as bothersome to others, the same questions.


All the best to you in your career. 

I hope all the people you help will appreciate your good work and your integrity.

Jennifer N.

I started dealing with Quentin in 2016 when I had just turned 66. My sister’s introduction to him was punctuated by her expressed deep satisfaction and delight. I was curious about this person who had earned her trust and as a result received such “glowing” praises from my very hesitant-to-praise sister.

When I met Quentin I knew instantly why he earned the accolades and the stellar referral from my sibling. Since that time dealing him has been nothing less than delightful. Quentin “has our backs.”

He allayed my fears regarding Medicare benefits (since, as we all know navigating through the system while coping with the harsh personal realities of aging, is not an easy task).

Quentin’s personal, professionalism motivates me regularly to refer him to all my aging peers.

Thanks Quentin, you are deeply appreciated

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